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    Beginning from the Zoom Beach Hotel you have the opportunity to venture out and visit some of the most important and beautiful cities in Greece.



Just 15 km from the Zoom Beach Hotel is the beautiful and historic city of Nafplion, built at the foot of the fortress of the Palamidi and the Akronafplia. Climbing the 999 steps of the Palamidi you will see the place where Kolokotronis was imprisoned and the church of St. Andrew of the Venetian era.

In front of the port of Nafplion is the Bourtzi, the trademark of Nafplion which was originally a Byzantine church of Agios Theodoros. Given the strategic location of the islet, in 1473 the Venetians built a tower there, which would function as a fortress.

Over the years it has seen many changes and was used as a rampart and firing station during the War of 1821, as a refuge for members of the government during the civil war, as a hotel from the '50s into the '70s and a restaurant until 1977. Today you can visit the Bourtzi by boat from the waterfront of Nafplion.  

Worth visiting, is the Old or Lower City of Nafplion, built at the base of Megalo Vracho which stretches from the old train station to the Five Brothers rampart. A stroll in the allies with stone houses and balconies in full bloom creates a sense of historical continuity and harmony of classic and modern.

Do not miss a walk through the rock of Akronafplia and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views. In the centre of the city stand the old parliament, the palace of Kapodistrias and the homes of many chieftains of 1821 and the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion.  

All around Syntagma Square with its historical buildings as well as all along the waterfront you will find restaurants, taverns and snack bars that will show you the traditional flavours of the region. You should enjoy your coffee and drink on the beautiful harbour front, overlooking the Bourtzi and the bay of Nafplio.



The city of Epidaurus is located 20 km from the Zoom Beach Hotel and is famous for its ancient theatre which hosts many performances during the summer months. The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is built on the slope of Kinortiou and is considered as "the miracle of Epidaurus”. According to Pausanias, it was built in 340 BC by the architect Polykleitos to entertain the patients who went to the area because of the sanctuary of Asclepius, which was near the theatre and had a reputation for being an exceptional healing place.

The theatre of Epidaurus is widely known as it has been well maintained and has excellent acoustics. Since 1955 it has hosted the institution of the Athens Festival and the Epidaurus Festival in which prominent names of both national and international art world have appeared. On the hill behind the theatre is a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. The worship of the god Asclepius as protector of human health, according to legend was born in the region, led to the construction of a new temple dedicated to Asclepius by the architect Theodotus 375 BC. The two sanctuaries developed in parallel and became known under the name "Sanctuary of Apollo Maleata and Asclepius”.

The acropolis of the ancient city of Epidaurus is still a theater, known as the "Little Theatre of Epidaurus," which in ancient times served as a place of public debate and now serves as a concert venue. The area has stunning beaches where you can cool off before enjoying a show at the theatre. In New Epidaurus you will find many traditional restaurants and taverns offering fresh fish and homemade desserts.



Mycenae, the kingdom of Agamemnon, is located 25 km from the Zoom Beach Hotel. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The Acropolis of Mycenae, made famous by Homer, was discovered in 1874 by Heinrich Schliemann. The huge walls of the city, according to legend, were built by the mythical Cyclops. Upon arriving at the archaeological site one encounters the entrance to the citadel and the towering Lion Gate, which is constructed on the wall and is dated to the 13th century.

Passing through the gate you find to the right the barn and 6 royal tombs, from where came significant findings which are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Athens. Following are the foundations of Mycenaean houses and the religious centre. The highest point of the Acropolis is the Palace of Mycenae. Outside the citadel there are 9 vaulted tombs called "treasures", the most important of which are those of Clytemnestra, Aegisthus and the Lion tomb. Agamemnon’s domed tomb or otherwise Treasure of Atreus, is the most imposing and luxurious of all, dating to 1250 BC and it consists of a large dome and a path of 36 meters.

Do not forget to visit the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae where the finds from excavations in the area are exhibited. After your tour of the archaeological site, visit the picturesque village where you can get arts and crafts and souvenirs of your visit.


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We would like to thank Mr. Nikos Papadopoulos for the pictures of Nafplion and Mykines he has given us.
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